Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Still Playing Up

Things haven't been going so great for the past two weeks technology-wise!

It all began on the 4th February when I went out a run in heavy rain. Just over halfway through my iPod stopped working, as I wrote in a previous blog.

I managed to borrow my fiancee's, and I had a spare Nike+ kit lying around, but as her iPod was linked to her Nike+ account, it took a helluva lot of farting around before I could get it to work. I ended up having to delete my entire Nike+ account and start again. Lost over 4,500km of runs... bah.

Anyway, back to my routine. As I started using a new iPod and Nike+ account, I decided to start the 4km - 10km routine again and so far I've done five of them. My times are as follows:

4km - 19:05 (4:46); 4.5km - 21:31 (4:47); 5km - 23:29 (4:42), 5.5km - 26:22 (4:48); 6km -28:56 (4:49).

My pace slowed considerably on tonight's run - I think my iPod sensor is jiggling around in the pocket of my trainers, as it mapped at 6.25km - which means I ran 0.25km further than I thought I have. Will try slotting in some Blu-Tak tomorrow and see if that helps.

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