Friday, 4 February 2011

I Hate This Weather

For the past two days it's done nothing but pee down with rain and blow gales - some wind has been reported over Scotland as high as 70mph+. It's not been as drastic here, but it's still been over 20mph+ at some times.

My training is going well, though. For some reason my iPod Nano has been playing up, so my last three runs haven't logged properly. Nonetheless, my new training regime is as follows: starting on the 1st February, I decided to run 4km. The next time I would run 4.5km, then 5km, then 5.5km, and so on up to 10km.

I would attempt to do all these runs at a pace of under 4:50p/m - so for 4km it's be 19:20, for 4.5km it'd be 21:45, for 5km it'd be 24:10 and so on and so forth, so that when I've built up to 10km I'll be doing that at under 48:20. Then I start all over again, although this time I attempt it at 4:40p/m.

I've done this training regime before and had a pretty decent bit of success last year before the heavy snowfalls at the end of November put the kaibosh on it.

So far I did my 4km run on Tuesday, 4.5km run on Wednesday, and 5km run today (Friday). I know my times were under the 4:50p/m pace but thanks to my iPod playing silly buggers I don't know the exact times. I also played two games of fives on Tuesday night and have another game tonight, so the fitness is gradually improving...

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