Friday, 25 March 2011

Less Than Two Days To Go...

I've been pretty busy with Uni stuff for the past few weeks so I haven't updated this in a while. But here's a new update - woo, shiny!

My training has been going very well. After the technical hitches which accompanied my last couple of updates, those have finally been sorted out - a bit of sellotape in the insole has kept the Nike+ sensor from jiggling around and giving me false readings, and I've been using my fiancee's iPod instead of mine, so I haven't had any more problems with recording false data or anything like that.

For the past few weeks now in training for this race I haven't been running as much as I normally would have - I've been paranoid about staying injury free (took a worrying kick on the toe at five-a-sides on Tuesday, but that has healed up) and I even cut down drastically on the games of fives I have been playing to give me more days to run but also extra rest days.

So, how has it been going? Well, my plan was to start at 4K and add on 0.5K increments until I ran a 10K and then that should tide me nicely for the race. And it's worked very well. Here are a list of my runs, what date they were on, and my average pace:

9th February - 4.00K, 19:05, 4:46
11th February - 4.50K, 21:30, 4:46
11th February - 5.00K, 23:29, 4:41
14th February - 5.50K, 26:22, 4:47
16th February - 6.00K, 28:56, 4:49
20th February - 6.50K, 31:14, 4:47
23rd February - 7.00K, 33:03, 4:43
24th February - 7.50K, 36:00, 4:47
2nd March - 8.00K, 37:34, 4:41
6th March - 8.50K, 40:22, 4:44
14th March - 9.00K, 42:37, 4:44
17th March - 9.50K, 45:13, 4:45
21st March - 10.00K, 46:53, 4:41

Overall I'm pretty damn delighted with that progress - a 46:53 10K is a pretty good time at present, and hopefully I can knock a couple of minutes off of that when I have the added motivation of running with other people.

I went out tonight and did a 4.00K just to give me a wee bit exercise, and did it in 18:29 with a pace of 4:37. Might have a short run again tomorrow morning and then a relaxing day before Sunday.

Wish me luck...

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