Thursday, 20 January 2011

Struggling For An Imaginative Title

How the hell do people come up with catchy titles for their blogs? I'm struggling and I'm only on my fourth entry!

Training has been going well. Since I last updated I've had four runs. I was playing fives on Monday evening at Stenhousemuir Sports Centre so decided to run the 4.05km there and then 4.05km back. On the way down is mostly downhill, so I managed it in 19:39. On the way back, I took it a bit easier, plus it was mostly uphill, so I did it in 23:44.

Then on Tuesday night I had another game of fives at the Falkirk Stadium so I ran the 2.86km down there. Managed it in 13:48.

Today I ran another 10km. I stuck to mostly the same route as the Grangemouth 10km that takes place each March, although I had to improvise a bit at the end as the 'official' 10km includes half a lap of the athletics track at the Grangemouth Stadium. This is a fast and flat course, and I managed it in 47:49. Delighted with that - only just over three minutes off of my personal best, and that's with limited training and without the added incentive / speed and stamina boost you get from running with other people.

I'm not updating the routes on MapMyRun at present. I find the new MMR website very slow and unresponsive, so over the next couple of days I'll update my posts and this post to include the routes on the old MMR website, which I find much faster and smoother.

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